Talking Beaver on the Highway

Your typical friendly Canadian. A beaver on the highway at the Canada US border, welcoming drivers to Canada. He got away fine (and he’s not rabid!). facebook: twitter: Nicoalbumphoto shot the original footage and saved the beaver (yay!): As you can see in the original videos, the beaver got away fine. 🙂 For more talking animals, see Talking Cat Translation:

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2008 Quebec

Red Bull Crashed Ice smashed into Quebec for the city’s third edition of the fastest sport on skates! Finland’s Artu Pihlainen took home the top prize while 85000 fans lined the course – and undoubtedly snapped over 85000 pictures – of a jaw drop course that wowed spectators and thrilled/punished the athletes.

Of Montreal – Wraith Pined to the Mist

Artist: Of Montreal Song: Wraith Pined to the Mist Album: The Sunlandic Twins Directed by Lauren Gregg & Craig Sheldon of Kangaroo Alliance. Label: Polyvinyl Records Purchase the album here: